Vegetable Scramble Egg for Toddlers

vegetable scramble egg
vegetable scramble egg
Vegetable Scramble Egg for Toddlers

Mostly kids don’t like to eat the vegetables. There is no doubt that veggies are healthy diet for everyone. So, today I will tell you the recipe of vegetable scramble egg.

People get confused that is it safe to give egg in the summer to their cute little ones? The answer is yes. Eggs are the great source of protein. Include at least one egg daily in the diet of your baby.

Babies want to taste new things every day. They get bored with the same typical baby food recipes. I am going to tell you the new recipe of making egg in different but healthy style.

Try this yummy vegetable scramble egg recipe.

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Egg 2
Green Onion (chopped) 1 teaspoon
Tomato (chopped) Half teaspoon
Green capsicum (chopped) Half teaspoon
Carrot (shredded) Half teaspoon
Salt A pinch
Black pepper A pinch
Green chilie(chopped) 1 small
Butter/Oil/Desi Ghee 2 tablespoons for frying


Method for vegetable scramble egg


Step 1- Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients with a fork.

Step 2- Switch on the stove on medium to low flame

Step 3- Take a pan and add the butter in it.

Step 4- Now add the egg mixture in the pan and fry it

Step 5- Scramble the egg and cover it for 1 minute.

Waoooo! The tasty vegetable scramble egg is ready to serve. Serve it with a toast or you can eat it just with the spoon.

This can be a tasty breakfast for your babies especially for the toddlers. Try this new recipe of egg and tell us your experience in the comments.
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