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Teething period is very difficult for kids and mothers as well. Babies become more fussy and irritating.  Here are some soothing tips that will bring comfort to your baby’s teething pain. All the tips are completely safe for your child. Each kid is different from others so be calm while you find a remedy that suits your baby. I have used all these remedies for my son and they all are safe. I didn’t face any difficulty regarding my baby teething such as fever, weakness or fussiness of my son.

Teething Rings


Teething rings are easily available in the market. Babies want to chew something to ease their teething pain. It is used to comfort the pain of your child. Always wash it before giving your baby to chew it. You can keep it in the fridge for some time to provide a cooling ring for your baby but don’t keep it in freezer.

Feeding Nets


You can use a feeding net for your baby from older than 5 months. Put a piece of fruit in the feeding net and give it to your child. The net will not allow the fruits piece to go inside the mouth. Your baby can enjoy the taste of the fruits and it will also allow them the experience of gumming the cool relief.

Bioplasgen 21


BC 21 is a popular homeopathic medicine recommended for easing teething symptoms. This medicine is in the form of small tablets, which will dissolve quickly in your child’s mouth. Prevention is better than cure so you can start giving 2 tablets 4 times a day to your child older than 4 months. This medicine has no side effects so you can give it your babies. You can get it easily from a pharmacy that stocks homeopathic medicines

Cold drinks


Cold drink is also an option to ease the teething pain of your child. Make it sure that the cold drinks are sugar free for the health of your baby. Cold drinks are helpful for your babies in stopping the dribbling. Cold water is the best option but it shouldn’t be too cold.

Healthy food


Give healthy food to your baby to keep them healthy and active. Fruit purees, vegetable purees, semolina pudding will help you in maintaining the health of your baby in teething period. This thing will also help you to make your baby happy instead of irritating.



Massage on the gums of your baby with your finger for 2 minutes at a time. Your finger should be clean and germ free. This finger massage will give comfort to your baby’s sore gums. You can use silicon finger baby tooth brush to massage your baby gums and teeth. it is so soft and safe for your baby.

Fruits and Yogurt


Give your baby yogurt to eat. Yogurt is a natural soothing remedy to ease your baby in pain. If your baby is old enough to chew solids, then give them cold food such as banana apple, strawberry, etc.


teething remedies

Take honey on your finger and apply it on the baby gums. Do this for 1 minutes. This will help you to soothe your baby gums.

Extra Cuddle


Parents’ love is the great soother that helps your baby stay healthy during the teething period. Spend more time with your baby and also offer them extra cuddles.