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Tapioca banana pudding

Tapioca banana pudding is a great baby food recipe that makes your baby healthy. There is so much benefit of tapioca for the babies. It makes your baby healthy and heightened. If your baby is having loose motion, this tapioca banana pudding works as an effective home remedy to treat baby loose motion.

It is very light and soft baby food that you can also give to your babies if they are not feeling well.

Here is the recipe of simple tapioca banana pudding that you can make at home easily in just 15-20 minutes.

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Water 2 cups
Tapioca (Sabudana) 1/3 cup
Banana 1 ripe
Sugar(optional) 1 teaspoon


Method for tapioca banana pudding

Wash the tapioca (Sabudana) with clean water and drain the water.
Add water and tapioca in a pan.
Stir the spoon repeatedly so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.
Remove from the stove, when the tapioca turns into transparent or jelly form
Keep it aside so that it can cool
After it gets cool add it in the blender
Add banana and sugar in the blender
Blend it for 1-2 minute or until you get your desired consistency
Your yummy tapioca banana pudding is ready
Pour it in serving bowl
You can add little chunks of banana for your toddler
Ready to serve the baby

Try this yummy recipe and do let me know in the comments. You can also try this recipe with other fruits.

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