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How to stop breastfeeding a toddler?

No doubt that mother’s milk is the major part of your baby’s diet, which is the most healthful thing than any other. It contains all the nutrients your baby need in his/her first year. In fact, for the starting 6 months, babies just rely on their mother’s milk as it is recommended by the World Health Organization. But you can’t feed your baby for several years. How to stop breastfeeding a toddler is a popular question of mothers.

Stop feeding breast milk to your little one is called weaning. Numerous questions come into the mind of nursing mothers that what will be the right age for the weaning or how I can tell my baby to feed from the bottle or cup rather than my breasts. The answer is that between the first and 2nd year of your baby you should go for weaning.

Tips and Tricks

Moms are worried about how to stop weaning because some time babies get frustrated and don’t willing to stop nursing from their mothers. If you have decided to end your breastfeeding relationship with your baby, then  here are some tips and tricks which will be very helpful for you to handle your baby with full of care and love at the time of weaning.

  1. Don’t stop feeding at once

The most important thing doesn’t stop giving breast milk to your baby at once. It can put negative impacts on your baby’s physical as well as on mental health. Stop feeding your baby with intervals patience

  1. Introduce solid food

Introduce your baby to solid foods such as cereals, pudding, custards, mashed potatoes, eggs and many other things from the 6 months of their age. It will help you in reducing the feeding time.

  1. Varieties of meals

Give them solids in different varieties, so that your baby can enjoy the replacement of their mother’s milk.  Many babies ready to eat products are available in markets which taste fabulous and baby also loves to enjoy them.

  1. Lemon juice on nipples

Apply a little quantity of lemon juice on your nipples and told your son or daughter that they get sour after the morning so they can just enjoy the milk in the morning and after some time, stop feeding them even in the morning.

  1. Use of vinegar

You can also use vinegar instead of lemon juice and can tell them that you are older now so can’t feed them more. If they still bother you give your breast to taste and do it again and again when they demand for a feed. They will surely understand that you can’t feed them more.

  1. As a pacifier

Most babies use their mother’s breasts as the pacifier. So number 4 and 5 will be the appropriate method to stop them from this habit and they will sleep without sucking the nipples.

  1. Keep your baby busy

Keep your baby entertained in playing with you or their favorite toys. It will keep busy in playing them and they will forget about the nursing time.

  1. Avoid changing in front of baby

Don’t change your dress in front of your little one. After seeing the breasts they can recall about their feeding and can cry for them. Also avoid taking bath with your son or daughter.

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