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Soothe Crying baby

Soothe Crying Baby

Babies are the most beautiful creature of the world, but sometimes moms get irritated due to the baby cry in many situations. There are different reasons for the discomfort and crying of the baby. Sometime it is normal for a baby to cry, but parents shouldn’t leave their little one crying without knowing the particular reason behind their crying. There are always many different reasons like the baby can be hungry, he needs the attention or he wants stimulation. You must know them to soothe crying baby.

Being a mommy or a daddy is not that easy. You have to know and understand the reason for which your baby is crying. In case your baby is crying you can do a lot of things to soothe and calm him. This first rung on the ladder is to learn the nice reason of crying, once you removed the reason, he’ll be peaceful and happy.

Reasons and Remedies

Give Food

One reason that is more prevalent in the crying newborns is that they cry when they are starving. It really is difficult to create the eating time for your newborn baby in the first stages. So, give food to him when he’s crying and he’ll be relaxed after getting his food.

Change Diaper

That is another common reason. In case, the diaper of the baby is dirty he will become annoyed. So check the diaper on your baby frequently and change it out if he’s crying due to a wet diaper.

Colic Problem

Sometimes a baby finds it difficult to pass the gas and begin crying. In this case, you should burp him to pass the gas, patting his back and folding the legs of the baby on the tummy few times in paddling motion can help him to get relaxed.

Weather Condition

A baby can’t keep the current weather conditions as his parents can do. So, the reason for crying can be that the baby is feeling hot or chilly. Especially, in winter add a supplementary layer of cloths to your baby and he’ll be calm soon.

Overtired Baby

An overtired baby is difficult to take care of also. Keep an eye on his sleeping time and habits of daily naps. Take him to the bed if he’s yawning.

Location Change

It’s true that baby needs attention and change in surroundings, so speaking with him and looking into his eyes can relax him or you may take him to the other room also.

If you tried everything to soothe crying baby and nothing is working, take him to the physician for proper checkup.

Soothing Techniques

In case your baby is crying for no reason you can certainly do various things to soothe crying baby and relaxed him.

Cuddle the Baby

Babies like movement. If the baby is crying hold him in your lap and walk in the area or take him to the driving a car. The rocking chair is best for soothing a baby with movement.

Play Music

A lot of the newborns like different sounds and tones. Some babies like the precise tone of the music. So, whenever your baby is crying play a noisy tone or plays some music with noisy sound. Some infants like the audio of hair dryer and vacuum you can test these also.

Give Pacifier

Sometimes the baby wishes to suck something. If you notice that the baby wants to place his figure in his mouth to suck, give your little finger in his mouth. Another smart way is to provide him the pacifier, because almost all of the babies stop crying when a pacifier is given to them.


It really is true that the parents can’t endure that their baby continues crying, but sometimes a baby keeps crying without the reason because he just want to cry. If you come to learn that your baby is crying for no reason place him in his swing and provides him time to cry. It really is an acknowledged fact that crying can help the baby in building up his lungs.

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