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Preserve Ginger Garlic Paste

Many people ask about to preserve the ginger garlic paste without affecting its taste and color. Mostly the paste turned in green color, which is not safe to use. So here I am giving you the easiest way to preserve ginger garlic paste for a long time. The amazing thing is that the paste will remain in its original color and condition. I personally use this method to preserve the ginger garlic paste.

I just use ginger garlic to make its paste but you can follow the recipe of how you can make proper ginger garlic paste at home.


  • Put the ginger garlic paste in a shopping bag and cut it from the corner
  • Take an ice cube container and fill it easily from the plastic bag with ginger garlic paste
  • Now freeze it in the freezer and your ginger garlic paste cubes are ready.
  • You can also fill the ginger garlic paste in an ice box with a spoon
  • You can add one cube while cooking a dish as one cube is equal to 1 tablespoon.

ginger garlic paste

After freezing, it will be look like the following picture

how to preserve ginger garlic paste

Hope you will like this way of preserve ginger garlic paste. Please tell me about your views in the comment. Your opinion is very valuable for me.