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During pregnancy period a woman needs extra care to avoid any unwanted happenings that can complicate her pregnancy. Avoid driving, especially in the third trimester of the pregnancy as you are having a large belly now. During pregnancy, women feel tiredness and dizzy, which can unfocused them from their driving and lead to a serious accident. It’s difficult, especially for working women to stop driving in their whole pregnancy period as it is their need. So here I am giving you some pregnancy safe driving tips below that a pregnant lady must follow to drive safely during pregnancy period.

Pregnancy Safe Driving Tips
  • First of all only drives when is very necessary. In second and third trimester of a pregnancy period uterus come very close to the steering wheel of the car that can be the reason of any unwanted mishap.
  • If there is necessary to drive the car, make sure you have kept a distance between your abdomen and the steering wheel. The distance of your belly should be about 10 inches from the steering wheel to drive safely in pregnancy period.
  • It is very difficult to be seated with carrying a weight in your tummy. That’s why pregnant women have back pain during pregnancy. You can position your seat slightly back to comfort your back. You can also place a soft cushion on the seat to make your back in more relax position.

pregnancy safe driving tips

  • If you feel nauseous or dizzy or even nervousness while driving give your steering wheel to your partner and go on the passenger seat. If you’re driving alone, then it’s better for you to stop driving. Drink water and give some time to soothe yourself.
  • Keep your cell phone on silent during the driving because incoming call ringtone can distract your attention and you can get confused. So it’s always a better option to keep your cell phones away from you on silent mode.

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  • You can also use airbags, which are especially designed for to make the driving safe for a pregnant woman. Don’t ignore seat belt while using airbags. Use the airbags along the seat belt to drive safely during your pregnancy period. These pregnancy safe driving tips will help you to drive safely during your pregnancy.

pregnancy safe driving tips

  • Always drive defensively to avoid any accident. Some people on the roads drive carelessly, which can be a cause of the accident of the people who is driving on a right track. So drive defensively to ignore such situation.
  • If you are driving for a long distance, then take short breaks to take rest during pregnancy. Always remain calm and follow the pregnancy safe driving tips to drive safely in pregnancy. Get out from your vehicle or move your seat completely back to make sure the circulation of blood in your legs.
  • Always buckle your car seat belt properly at correct position. Your seat belt must be positioned under the breast away from your neck and other strip must be under your abdomen. Any other position can be harmful for you and your baby as well.

pregnancy safe driving tipsConclusion

According to a research pregnant women are more involved in the accidents as compare to other ladies. So maximize your safety by follow these pregnancy safe driving tips to avoid any unexpected incident that can cause harm to you and your child. Don’t take stress if you get an accident just call for emergency. If you are not having any kind of pain even then you must visit to your doctor to make sure that your baby is safe.