Potato Cheese Porridge for Babies

potato cheese porridge

Potato Cheese Porridge for Babies

Potato Cheese Porridge is a yummy recipe for your kids.

Your babies will surely enjoy this mouth watering recipe.

You can also see the step by step method below in roman language along the pictures


  • 1 medium potato
  • 1 slice cheddar cheese
  • A pinch salt
  • A pinch black pepper
  • 1 cup milk

Method of potato cheese porridge

Step 1 Take a slice of cheese
Step 2 Take the potato and peel it
Step 3 Take a pot and add water in it to boil the potato
Step 4 Switch off the flame when potato gets soft
Step 5 Now mash the potato well with the hands or masher
Step 6 Take a pan add butter or Desi ghee in it
Step 7 Add mashed potato in it and cook for 30 seconds
Step 8 Take milk and add to the pan
Step 9 Stir the spoon continuously so that the potato mix well with milk
Step 10 You can now add a pinch of salt and black pepper in it
Step 11 Cook it for 2 minutes
Step 12 Now it’s time to add the cheese slice in potato cheese puree
Step 13 Add one tablespoon cream in the porridge. Its ready

For Step by Step potato Cheese Porridge

Boil the potato until it gets so soft


potato cheese porridge
Alo kat k achay se ubal lein


Mash potatoes with your hands

potato cheese porridge
hath se achay se mash kr lein alo


Heat butter/desi ghee in a pan and add mash potatoes in it

potato cheese porridge
pan mein butter ya desi ghee dalein phr mash alo

Take a cup of milk

potato cheese porridge
aik cup dodh le lein

Add milk in the pan and stir the spoon continuously

potato cheese porridge
ab pan mein dodh dal kr achay se alo mein mix karein aur chamh chalatay rahein


Add salt in little quantity because the cheese is already salty

potato cheese porridge
namak kam dalein q k cheese mein already hota

Add black pepper powder. You can also add a small green chili for the elder kids

potato cheese porridge
pisi kali mirch dalein bacha bara ho tu aik sabz mirh b dal dein


Within2 minutes the texture will be thick so add cheese in it. mix it well and turn off the flame

potato cheese porridge
cheese dalein and achay se mix karein

Add one tablespoon of cream in the hot porridge and mix well

potato cheese porridge
garam porridge mein aik tablespoon cream mix karein

Let it cool at room temperature. Potato cheese porridge is ready for your little ones

potato cheese porridge
Bacho k lye potato cheese porridge ready


Try this yummy recipe and do let me know in the comments.

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    • Aqsa Shoaib says:

      you can use mozzarella cheese in this recipe, however, cottage cheese is best for the babies. You can add it in every fruit or vegetable puree.

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