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Mix Vegetable Puree for Babies

Moms get worried about their infant health. Give healthy solid food to your 4 month+ babies. Here is a healthy recipe of mix vegetable puree for babies by Anoosh Haider. Its very beneficial for infants and toddlers.

Photo Credit: Anoosh Haider

mix vegetable puree
Alo, matar, gajar aur tamatar ko dho kar kat lein


                       Aik saucepan mein pani lein and ubalein


                    Tamam sabziyan ubalty hoe pani mein dal dein


                                         Hasb.e. zaiqa namk dalein


                                Ab es mein kali mirchein dalein


                     Sabziyan taqreban gal jein tu chotay gosht ki yakhni and 2 botiya b dal dein


                                              Ap chahein tu es mein desi ghee b dal sakty


                 Sab chezo ko blend kr k puree bana lein. sabziyo and gosht ki healthy puree tyar



Ingredients of mix vegetable puree for babies

Tomato 1 medium
Potato 1 medium
Carrot 1 medium
Peas 1/3  small bowl
Mutton 2 pieces
Mutton Stock 1 small bowl
Salt As per taste
Black pepper 6



  • Take all vegetables and wash them
  • Peel the peas and cut all vegetables
  • Take water in saucepan and bring it to boil
  • Add all vegetables in the boiling water
  • Add salt and black paper in it
  • Cook the vegetables until they become soft
  • When vegetables are partially cooked, add mutton stock, and pieces in it.
  • Cook it for 15 minutes and let it cool
  • Mix vegetable puree with mutton is ready to serve
  • You can also blend it to make a fine smooth paste.

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