Mix Fruit Puree Recipe for 6 month Babies

mix fruit puree

Mix Fruit Puree for Babies

Here is the recipe of mix fruit puree for your babies. I gave it to my 2 years old son to meet his fruit intake requirement. Pregnant ladies who didn’t ,like to eat fruits can take them in puree form. You can give it to your 6 month babies with half quantity.


mix fruit puree

• 2 banana
• 7 strawberries
• 3 dates
• 2 dry raisins (munaqqa)
• 2 jujube fruit (unab)
• 5 almonds (optional)
• Coconut powder (optional)

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Method for mix fruit puree

mix fruit puree

Step 1:    Take 2 bananas and peel them
Step 2:    Wash 7 strawberries and put it in the plate
Step 3:    Take 2 munaqqa, 3 dates and 2 unab .
Step 4:    Wash them and take out their seeds
Step 5:    Add all ingredients in the juicer along 2 tablespoons of water.
Step 6:    Blend it until you get desired texture.
Step 7:     You can also add almonds and dry coconut to make it tastier.
Mix fruit puree for babies is ready.

mix fruit puree
Mix yogurt with mix fruits puree to make mix fruit yogurt.

Try this yummy recipe and do let me know in the comments.

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