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Melon Banana Puree for Babies

Here is the recipe of melon banana puree for your babies. You can give it to your 7 month babies. 


  • 2 slice melon
  • Half banana

Method for melon banana puree

Step 1 Take 2 slices of melon and dice it
Step 2 Take the half ripe banana as it will improve the melon puree texture
Step 3 Now add the slices of banana and melon to a clean bowl
Step 4 Mash it with the fork or the masher.
Step 5 There is no need to blend it in the blender
Step 6 If you want to blend it, then add the banana and melon dices in the blender
Step 7 Blend it for 2 minutes or until you get the desired texture.

Melon banana puree for babies is ready.

Mix yogurt with the melon puree to make melon yogurt

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