Mango Berry Smoothie Recipe

mango berry smoothie

Mango Berry Smoothie Recipe

mango berry smoothie

Some people didn’t understand that what does it means by smoothie? They often ask what is smoothie.

What is Smoothie?

Every drink that is made up by blending any raw vegetables or fruits along other ingredients such as ice, water, sweeteners or any dairy products(milk or yogurt)

Benefits of Berries

  • Berries are the anti aging fruits that enhance your beauty
  • It also helpful to control the high blood pressure problem
  • They are super powerful fruits that prevent you from the diabetes and cancer

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Here is a yummy mango berry smoothie recipe by Zoya Nadeem Raza


Milk 1 cup
Fresh or frozen berries ½ cup
Ginger (freshly grated) ½ teaspoon
Mango pieces ½ cup
Honey or sugar 1 tablespoon
Ice cubes As required

Note: You can also replace milk with coconut milk to give it more yummy taste

Method for mango berry Smoothie

Step 1 Take a juicer and all the ingredients
Step 2 Add all the ingredients in the juicer or blender
Step 3 Blend them until you get a smooth texture
Step 4 Pour it in the chilled glasses
Step 5 Mango berry smoothie is ready to serve.

Try this smoothie and do let me know in the comments

mango berry smoothie
Add all ingredients in blender and blend it

In Ramadan this smoothie will be a great item for your iftar time.

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A very good shake to give you instant energy in Ramadan

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