Mango Banana Puree for Babies

mango banana puree

Mango Banana Puree

Here is a yummy recipe of mango banana puree along the benefits of mango

Benefits of Mango

  • Easy to digest

Mango is a safe food to introduce to your babies. It is so easy to smash and digest. It provides a lot of energy to your infant and toddlers.

  • Protects from sunstroke

Mangoes are the instant energy giving fruit for your children in summer. Mango is very helpful fruit to protect your toddlers from hydration and sunstroke.

  • Strong immune system

It also strengthen the immune system of little ones. Mangoes are enriched with beta-carotene that helps to boost the immune system of your baby.

  • Brain developmentMango consumption helps improve brain functioning, as it is rich in vitamin B6 and glutamic acid. These substances also help to improve your baby’s memory.
  • Improves the vision

    Mangoes are fully enriched with Vitamin A that helps to improve the eyesight of your kids.

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  • 1 sweet medium size mango
  • 1 banana
  • One tablespoon yogurt(optional)

Method for mango banana puree

Step 1 Take a mango and peel it with a knife
Step 2 Take a banana and peel it
Step 3 Slice the mango and banana into small pieces.
Step 4 Add the slices in the blender or juicer
Step 5 You can also add a tablespoon of yogurt in it
Step 6 Blend it for 2 minutes or until you get the desired texture.
Step 7 Mango banana puree for babies is ready.


Try this yummy recipe and do let me know in the comments.

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