Homemade wheat cerelac recipe for babies

homemad cerelac

Homemade wheat cerelac

Homemade cereals are best for the health of your kids. So here is the recipe of homemade wheat cerelac for you. you can make it easily at home.


  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup Yellow Moong Dal
  • 1/4 cup Almonds

homemad wheat cerelac


Take the moong dal and wash it with the clean water

homemad wheat cerelac

Now drain the water in a sieve for 5-10 minutes.

Take a pan or karahi and roast the moong dal.

Roast it  a medium flame for 15 minutes.

The water will evaporate and daal will become golden.

homemad wheat cerelac

Now put the daal in a clean plate

Take the almonds and roast it in same pan or karahi.

It will turn golden after 5 minutes

homemad wheat cerelac

Put almonds in the same plate with roasted moong daal

Add both of them in a blender.

homemad wheat cerelac


Powder them finely

homemad wheat cerelac


Add wheat flour in the same karahi

Roast it for 5-6 minutes at slow flame

homemad wheat cerelac

Now add the almonds and moong dal powder in the wheat flour karahi

homemad cerelac

Roast it for 1 minute and sieve it. (chaan lein)

Your homemade cerelac powder is ready.

You can save it in the air tight container or jar.

homemad wheat cerelac

Always keep the jar in the fridge.

Take 2 tablespoon of cerelac powder in the bowl

Add some water and mix it until it become paste

homemade wheat cerelac

Take some sugar and add to water

Cook until the sugar dissolves in the water.

Add sugar syrup to the bowl and mix it

homemade wheat cerelac

Now pour in the saucepan and cook it for minutes

It will be thick like in the picture

homemade wheat cerelac

The homemade wheat cerelac is ready

Let it cool for 20 minutes.

Now give it to your baby.


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