Home made Desi Ghee Step by Step Method

home made desi ghee

Home made Desi Ghee is made from the cow milk. Here is the easy and step by step recipe to make home made desi ghee step by step for easy understanding. People often misunderstand the nutrients and benefits of home made desi ghee. So before telling the recipe, I would like to tell you the benefits of home made desi ghee.

Benefits of home made desi ghee

  • It moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • Daily massage of desi ghee removes the dryness of your skin.
  • It is very helpful in maintaining the cholesterol level
  • It is also best for losing weight as it did not deposit any unnecessary fat to your body
  • Massage of desi ghee before hair wash makes your hair silky, strong and long
  • Very helpful for the growth of your baby and kids.

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Recipe of home made desi ghee step by step

Take freezed cream


home made desi ghee
dodh ki freeze ki hoi malai lein


Put the Cream in the blender and pour half cup cold water in it.


home made desi ghee
Malai aur adha cup thanda pani jug mein dalein


Blend it for 15-20 minutes. The butter will be separated from the water and rise to top.


home made desi ghee
15-20 mint blend kry. makhan oper ajae ga


Squeeze the butter with soft hands to remove remaining water from it.


home made desi ghee
makhan ko halkay se press kr k pani nikal lein


Your homemade butter is ready. You can place it in refrigerator


home made desi ghee
home made makhan is ready


To make homemade desi ghee, pour the homemade butter in any utensil.


home made desi ghee
ghee k lye makhan ko pateli mein dalein


Keep it on the stove on low flame

Stir the spoon often


home made desi ghee
stove pe rakh k halki anch pe pakaein


When it comes to this stage, switch off the flame.

Now sieve the ghee in clean jar.


home made desi ghee
jab es tarah ghee oper ajae tu chan lein


You can keep home made desi ghee in any air tight jar or box


home made desi ghee
home made desi ghee tyar


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