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healthy weight gain shake
Healthy Weight Gain Shake

Everyone wants to look healthy and beautiful. People try many things to maintain their beauty and to enhance it more to get a pleasant personality. Some people have very thin physique that suffers them in inferiority complex. This healthy weight gain shake will definitely help you out to get a healthy but balanced physique.

Pregnant women often face the problem of low HB  level. Doctors advised them to go for the Venofir drips and medicines. This healthy weight gain shake will increase your HB level and make your pregnancy period easy and shorten. No doubts that its a wonderful shake for pregnant ladies

Your kid is not gaining weight? Give this shake to your kid and see the results of this healthy weight gain shake in a month. You can also give this shake to your toddlers, but keep in mind that not give them too much. Give it in little quantity to your baby so that he/she can digest it easily.

Its also a refreshing drinks recipe in ramazan that gives you instant energy.

It’s the milkshake of dates that makes you healthy. Before telling the recipe, I would like to tell you some benefits of dates for your babies and also during pregnancy.

Benefits of Dates for Babies

  • It increases the level of hemoglobin in the red blood cells of your babies
  • It helps to improve the weight of your baby
  • Boost immune system of your babies to fight against bacteria
  • Dates are enriched with vitamin A , so it enhances the vision of your babies
  • Dates are a good source of fiber therefore it helps to relieve your baby’s constipation

Benefits of Dates during Pregnancy

  • It increases the level of hemoglobin
  • The dates make the labor and delivery easy and healthy
  • It controls the blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Also help to prevent anemia and nausea during pregnancy
  • It also deals with the constipation during pregnancy

Note: Include at least 5 dates into your daily diet to have an easy and safe delivery


Milk 1 glass
Banana 1
Dates 5
Almonds 5
Sugar As per taste
Ice cubes As required


Method of Healthy Weight Gain Shake


Step 1
Take 5 dates and remove seeds from them
Step 2
Soak the dates in milk for a whole night in the fridge
Step 3
In the morning add sugar, banana, almonds in the milk
Step 4
Add it in a juicer and blend it
Step 5
Add ice cubes in the juicer and blend again

The healthy weight gain shake of dates and almonds are ready to serve.

Drink it at least 15-20 days on a regular basis and see the result.

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