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How to Get Pregnant Fast?

Just after the marriage most of the women wants to get pregnant fast. Most of the them get pregnant after some time, but many of them face problems in getting pregnant.

There are a lot of different reasons that act as a hurdle to get pregnant fast. If you are just married or trying to get pregnant for some time, this article how to get pregnant will help you a lot.

Things that are important to consider while you are trying to get pregnant are discussed below in detail. Please note that if you have any confusion about your physical health conditions do visit your doctor for consultation.

Let’s start from the basic planning of a healthy pregnancy.

Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy

Whether you are a newly married couple or you are trying to get pregnant after one or two years of your marriage, planning a healthy pregnancy is very important. There are many things that are important to implement in your daily life to have a healthy pregnancy. Some of the important things are

  • Maintaining your weight according to your Height
  • Exercise on regular basis
  • Proper sleep of eight hours
  • Avoid the intake of drugs
  • Quit smoking or reduce it
  • Limit the intake of caffeine
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t take medication
  • Don’t depend on vaginal lubricants, they slow down the sperm movement

Most Important!

  • Do take your vitamins

Start taking folic acid in the form of tablets or folic acid rich food, even before you try to conceive. It can help you in reducing many birth defects in your baby.

Maximizing the Fertility

If you take care of the above mentioned points, it will help you in maximizing your fertility and ultimately you will be able to get pregnant fast.

Find out when you Ovulate

Most of the women don’t know this fact that to get pregnant fast, they should know when they ovulate.

In your each menstrual cycle, you ovulate only once. It is the time when an egg is released from your ovary.

That’s mean you have only a few days in each month when you can get pregnant. If you know when you will ovulate, it is the best time for you and your partner to intercourse and there are good chances that you will conceive that cycle.

The question is how to know when you will ovulate?

Many factors affect the timing of ovulation, but in normal conditions if you are not facing any hormonal issues and stress. The ovulation time can be predicted. These points can help you in predicting your ovulation time.

  • Mark the calendar when your periods begin. This is the first day of your menstrual cycle.
  • Mostly ovulation happens round about the 14th day of your menstrual cycle.
  • If you have irregular period, it will be difficult to predict ovulation time through the period.
  • A clear, slippery vaginal secretion starts just before the ovulation, if you notice it. It is called cervical mucus.
  • Track your basal body temperature every morning with the help of a thermometer. Record the pattern.
  • The most fertile period of the month has been just two or three days before your temperature start rising.
  • The ovulation predictor kit can also help you in predicting the right time for intercourse.

Have sex at the Right Time

Once you find the time frame when your egg is released from your ovary, it is the time to plan sex during the most fertile days of your cycle. Having intercourse two or three times a week can hit a fertile period.

Important things to know

  • Sperm can survive in your body for three to six days
  • The egg survives in your body for just about one day

So, having sex every other day in the most fertile week of your menstrual cycle can be helpful to get pregnant fast. The sperms will remain present in your Fallopian tubes for the whole week and they can interact with the egg whenever it will release.

You can do sex more often, but it will not improve the chance to conceive neither it hurts the chances to get pregnant.

If you have planned to wait for intercourse during the most fertile period of your cycle, it is necessary that your partner should ejaculate once just before the fertile days. It will help in releasing the dead sperm and healthy sperms will be present in the semen.

Boost the Sperms

Healthy and strong sperms are important for fertilizing an egg. Convince your partner to do these things so that you can get pregnant fast.

  • Stop drinking alcohol. It reduces the sperm count and increases the abnormal sperm
  • Skip the cigarette and other tobacco products
  • Maintain healthy weight and perform some exercise regularly
  • To take certain key nutrients like vitamin C and D, folic acid, calcium and zinc.
  • Don’t take a hot tub bath because heat kills the sperms.

When to Consult a Doctor

Normally, most of the women, about 8 out of 10 couples, get pregnant within the first six months. It is a fact that fertility declines with the growing age. Fertility specialists suggest the following age limits to get the help of a doctor to get pregnant.

  • Younger than 35       Try for 1 year before consultation
  • Between 35 to 40      Consult a doctor after six months of trying
  • Older than 40            Consult the doctor right away

In case you know that there is any fertility problem present within you or your partner. There is no point to waiting. Make an appointment as soon as possible because the treatment of almost all kinds of infertility problems is present now.

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