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easy finger food recipes

Easy Finger Food Recipes

Here are some finger food recipes which u can prepare with the apple. Apple is a healthy fruit for babies. It also prevents constipation in babies. Try these easy finger food recipes and do let me know in the comments.

If your baby is above than one year, you must try the yummy apple rings recipe. Your baby will love it.

Apple as a finger food

  1. Bite-sized apple

If your little one loves raw apple, just cut them in finger shape or cube shape.

Cut them into bite-sized pieces and give it your baby.

Your baby will like to grab the apple piece in his fist.

easy finger food recipes

  1. Steamed Apple Cube


Step 1 Wash and peel the apple
Step 2 Cut it into cubes
Step 3 Steam the apple cubes
Step 4 After cooling, give pieces to your babies that can be held in the hands.

easy finger food recipes

  1. Baked Apple


Step 1 Wash the apple
Step 2 Cut them into wedges with the peel
Step 3 Sprinkle cinnamon powder over the fleshy side.
Step 4 Take a baking pan and fill it upto 2 inches of water
Step 5 Place the apple pieces in it
Step 6 Cook it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.
Step 7 After it is cooked, peel the skin
Step 8 Serve this yummy baked apple to your babies after it cools

easy finger food recipes


Note: The apple will turn mushy without the peel. So if you are baking the apple don’t peel it.

It’s not the end of apple recipes as a finger food. You can get more apple finger food recipe for your toddler by following the link.

Apple Rings Recipe for Toddlers

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