Creamy Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Chicken is an easily available ad easy to cook main course dish which you can make at home. Today I am giving you a simple and instant, but delicious recipe of cream chicken. You will surely love this yummy creamy chicken.


Chicken boneless Half kg
Fresh Cream 200 ml
Cashew Nuts(kaju) 8-10
Star anise(badian phool) 2pcs
Cardamom (choti ilaichi) 2pcs
Black cardamom (bari ilaichi) 1 piece
Green chilies 3pcs
Grounded Black pepper(pisi kali mirch) ¼ teaspoon
Cinnamon stick (dar cheni) 2pcs
Cloves (long) 2pcs
Butter 25 grams
Salt As per your taste

Method for creamy chicken

  • Preheat the pan and add half of the butter in it
  • After melting the butter, add chicken pieces and salt in it and fry it. boneless chicken was not available to me so i made this recipe with whole chicken.
  • When the chicken gets half cooked, add all the spices in it.
  • Mix the cream in a bowl with a tablespoon milk.
  • Now add cream and nuts in it and cook for more 5-7 minutes.
  • Your creamy chicken is ready.
  • Dish out the chicken in a beautiful bowl and put the remaining butter and remaining cashew nuts on the sizzling creamy chicken.
  • Enjoy the creamy chicken along fresh fruit salad.

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