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chickpeas and vegetable cutlets
Chickpeas and vegetable cutlets recipe is a quick frozen snack. Do it once and then fry it whenever you want to eat it.  You can give it in your kids’ lunch box or can use it as a patty to make a burger.

In Ramadan people want to make frozen snacks so that they can save their time for prayers. I am trying to give you the easy but delicious frozen items recipes.

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Those who aren’t meat lovers must try this chickpeas and vegetable cutlets recipe in this Ramadan. Do let me know after trying this recipe.


Green chilies 5-6
Green coriander 1 bunch
Green onions (chopped) 2
Chickpeas (white chanay) 2 cups
Cabbage (chopped) 1 cup
Green capsicum (chopped) 1
Bread slices 3-4 pieces
White cumin 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder ½  teaspoon
All spice powder ½ teaspoon
Sesame seeds (til) 2 tablespoons
Lemon juice 1 lemon
Salt As per taste
Oil For frying


Method for chickpeas and vegetable cutlets

Take green chilies, lemon juice, fresh green coriander, green onion, cabbage and capsicum.
Add to the food processor and chop them
Now add boiled chickpeas, bread slices, coriander powder, seeds, cumin and all spice powder
Chop all the ingredients again
Pour this mixture into a clean bowl
You can add one egg in the mixture if required
Now make cutlets of the mixture according your desired size
Add oil in the pan
Fry it in hot oil on medium flame
Yummy chickpeas and vegetable cutlets recipe is ready
Serve it hot with chatni or sauce


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