Barley Water Recipe for the Babies

barley water recipe
Barley Water Recipe for the Babies

The liquid consumption becomes important for the 6 months babies. This is also for the babies who have started to take the solid before the 6 months. Make sure mothers that you are giving them 3-4 ounce liquid daily some form. Don’t give them more than 4 ounces a day. Today I will tell you the healthy barley water recipe for the babies.

Benefits of Barley Water for Babies

First of all, I will tell you the benefits of barley water as it is very important for the mothers. They always want to know the health benefits of different baby food before trying it.

  • Barley water is a good baby food to introduce him/her as it is a non allergic baby food.
  • Barley water is full of minerals, vitamins and fiber.
  • Your baby can easily digest the barley water

It is easy recipe so try this recipe and do let me know in the comments


Barley 1 tablespoon
Water 2 cups


Method for barley water recipe

Step 1- Wash the barley with clean tap water until the water runs clear

Step 2- Cook the barley in a pan or pressure cooker with 2 cups of water.

Step 3- Let it cool at the room temperature

Step 4- Now blend it in a blender or juicer

Step 5- Strain the barley mixture in a bowl and discard barley

The healthy barley water is ready to serve. You can give it to your 5 month+ babies.

Note:  Barley water has no side-effect, but avoids it in the early months, if your baby has gelatin allergy or celiac disease.

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