Banana Puree:How to Make banana Puree?

banana puree

Banana puree is an easy and delicious baby food recipe that can be given to 4 month+ babies. Before making banana puree, I am going to tell you the benefits of banana for your babies.

Always remember that eating banana in very large quantity can cause constipation.

Easy on Stomach

Banana is an ideal food to introduce solid to your babies. It is so easy to smash and digest. It provides a lot of energy to your infant and toddlers.  Bananas are the instant energy giving fruit for your children. When they come back after an activity, a banana can boost their energy level.

Deals with Constipation (Qabaz)

You will be surprised to know that banana deal with the constipation in your infants and toddlers. If your baby is facing constipation, lay your baby on his/her tummy. Give 2-3 tablespoon of banana puree for babies. It can be helpful for your baby to pass the stool easily.

Reduce Skin Tenderness

Sometime you see redness or inflammation on baby skin that is caused by the insect bites. In this situation take the peel (chilka) of fresh banana and rub its inner side on the baby skin. It will soothe your baby and relieve them from the pain.

How to Make Banana Puree?

1 ripe banana


Take a medium size ripe (paka hoa) banana

Peel the banana and cut it in small pieces with a knife.

Now add the slices in a clean bowl

Mash it with the fork or the masher.

There is no need to blend it in the blender

If you want to blend it then add the banana dices in the blender

Blend it for 2 minutes or until the desired texture.

Banana puree for babies is ready.

You can also add little quantity of water/honey in the puree.

It can be given to 4 month+ babies

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