Baby Massage Technique for Parents

Baby Massage is very helpful in the development of your baby. So often give your baby a relaxing massage by using proper baby massage technique.

Here is the baby massage technique for the parents to massage their baby.


Start from the legs. Lift one leg of the baby by holding it from the ankle. From the other hand give a gentle stroke from his thigh to toe, repeat the same to the lower side of the leg. 8 to 10 strokes on both sides are enough and you can repeat the same process on the other leg.

baby leg massage


Do you want to know an interesting fact about feet? Feet have a direct connection to the brain. The massage on the feet stimulates the nervous system of the body and enhances the memory. Hold the foot of the baby in your one hand, and use your thumb and palm to stroke from heel to toe. Repeat this baby massage technique 8 to 10 times on both feet. It will help in relaxing the body of the baby.

baby foot massage


To give massage to the baby’s hand place it on your palm. Gently rub it from the wrist to the fingers with your other hand. You can also use your thumbs to rub the palm of the baby. Repeat the same process on the back of his hand. After 8 to 10 strokes pull each finger very gently.

baby hand massage

Shoulders and Arms

The best way to massage the shoulders and the arms of the baby is that hold the wrist of the baby in your one hand and place the other hand on the shoulder of the baby. With a slight grip move your hand from the shoulders to the wrist. Repeat this baby massage technique for several times. You can also massage the wrist by moving your hand around it in a circle.

baby shoulder and arm massage


For development of mental activeness, the massage of the baby’s head plays a vital role. As far as the newborn and the infants of few months are concerned always takes a great care because there is so very sensitive place on the head of the babies. Always use your fingers very gently for head massage and you can also massage the ears of the baby with your thumbs.

baby Head massage


After placing your both hands on the chest of the baby in a way that your palms should touch the chest, slightly move your hands in the outward direction. After doing this a few times, give an upward stroke towards the shoulders and a downward stroke towards the thighs, from the chest. Repeat each stroke for the several times.

baby chest massage


In the problem of colic tummy massage greatly relax the baby. The tummy massage is very simple. After placing your fingers gently on the tummy of the baby gently move them in the circular motion. Another way which is also very effective is that places your palms on the tummy and finger on the edge of the rib cage and move your hands in a downward direction. Repeat it several times.

baby tummy massage


At the end turn your baby on his tummy while keeping his hands in front of him. Place your hands on the back of the baby in such a way that your palms should rest on his back and your thumbs on the neck. Now gently move your hands downward to the hips of the baby. Repeat the massage for several times.

baby back massage

After the massage, wrap your baby in the towel. Bathing just after giving a massage is not a good option. Most probably after taking the massage the baby will go to sleep and you will also feel relaxed while staring at his cute little face.

baby massage technique

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