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 Baby Massage Importance

Every couple wants to enjoy the happiness in the form of a cute little baby, but it should be kept in mind that some responsibilities also come with this blessing and you should become more responsible after having a baby. If you have a little baby in your home, I am sure you must be taking care of him or her with a great sense of responsibility.

The body of a baby, just after birth, needs more care to fight with the outer atmosphere. For better development of your baby, you should take certain steps in which baby massage is one of the most important and basic steps.
Massage is not only soothing the baby, but also help him to get a good sleep. If your baby is facing colic problem, it will also help him in to get a relief.

After my first baby boy I got a lot of experience of baby massage and in this article I want to share my experience and the right ways of baby massage that I found after an experience.

Time for baby massage

baby massage importance

The first and most important thing to consider is the time for the massage. Never give your baby a massage when he wants to sleep. Just after the meal is also not a good time for the massage. The best time is when he is alert and ready to play with you.

Place for baby massage

baby massage importance

Set a towel on the floor and place your baby in it after removing the clothes. The response of the baby to a starting stroke from head to toe will tell you whether he is ready for a massage or not. If he cries just stop and soothe him and give a massage for another time.

Baby massage products

Always use the highest quality baby products and oils for massage and bathing of the baby. It will also protect the skin of your baby and he will glow healthy.
For the detail baby massage techniques you can see this article to know How to Massage a Baby Most Effectively.