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About Me

I am not a doctor; neither a parenting expert nor a cook.About me

I am an Entrepreneur and a mom of one cute little boy of 1.5 years,

that’s all about me.

Just after the birth of my baby, I start learning the tips, tricks and

techniques to grow my son with a perfect blend of everything he needs.

Everything involves his food, his physical and mental development and

his good and bad habits.

In the beginning, it was difficult to manage everything, at that time my

hubby helped me a lot.

“What you learned is worth sharing” these were the words of my hubby

and I take them seriously.

Started this blog site and start sharing what I did for my son in summer

and winter, and I am sharing what I am doing for him every day.

I share the recipes I cook for my hubby and my son, my thoughts and my

experience of dealing with the everyday problems of babies. I think its

enough about me.

For you people who are new couples or new parents there is a lot of knowledge

present on my site that will help you in growing your baby.

If you have any question about your baby’s health and care or about

different delicious recipes from all around the world.

Do ask me and I will share what I know.

If you want to introduce solids to your baby you will get

extensive information about how you can start the solids.

The diet plan for starting the solid food can be seen here.


The purpose of this website is to share baby and toddler food recipes and nutrition. Health information for babies and toddlers. The content present on the website is written by a mom who tried and test these tips for her own son, however, it must be used as a general guide and not as the only source of information on the child’s food and/or nutrition. You must always discuss any concerns or questions about the health and well being of your child with a qualified healthcare professional.