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Baby food requirement a day

Moms want to ask about the the baby food requirement a day. An 8 to 10 month old baby needs 3 time meal a day with 1-2 time snacks between their meals. This amount of food is vital for their health and growth.

What is Finger food?

Finger food is any food that is mash able by the gums and digestible by the baby.

How do I know my baby is ready for finger food?

Most of the babies start teething at the age of 8- 10 months. So your baby will like to eat finger food also. Even if your baby has no teeth, they can chew the finger food with their gums.  You can give finger food to your baby if:

  • The baby is able to sit without any support.
  • Baby can grasp the food in his/her fingers.
  • The baby has good coordination between hands and eyes
  • Baby is willing to eat food by self and don’t thrust the food out.
  • Finger food can also be given to the babies without teeth, because they have strong gums that help them to squash the food.

What is an ideal finger food?

  • First thing that should be considered in this matter is the size of the food that should be equal to the baby’s fist and the chip shape is better.
  • Banana like foods are slippery and difficult to hold, coat these kind of food with wheat flour or rice flour.
  • Make it sure that the food is cooked to such extent that the baby can easily mash it with the gums.

Which things are the best finger foods?

You can use many different things as finger food for your baby, but it also depends on the likes and dislikes of your baby.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be your first choice. Along with these you can also give your baby bread, cheese and chicken as finger food.

You will also like to read finger food guide with recipes for babies.

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